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The Smart Copywriter's SEO Swipe Files are the tool you've been waiting for to speed up your writing, make it infinitely easier to start every new piece, write great copy & get more and more traffic to your site or your client's sites.

How would it feel if you knew exactly how to create web copy that brought in 100s or 1000s of visitors from Google search AND converted them to meet your (or your clients') business goals?

How would your life be different if you could...

CONFIDENTLY build out your website content, knowing that everything you create is valuable.
Know EXACTLY what to do to write those pages to bring in maximum readers who are actually interested in what you've got to offer.
EASILY convert those readers to meet your personal or business goals - purchases, clients, sign ups, ad revenue.
Earn what you and your business are work. Take a breath. Enjoy some success. HAVE FUN!


The Smart Copywriter's SEO Swipe Files

You want to maintain the momentum you've got right now to move forwards and not get bogged down in trying to learn the finer details from scratch on your own.
A few simple tricks can save you hours on every page you want to create. So you can get more done quicker & earn more.
Launch into SEO copywriting as quickly, easily and successfully as possible.

12 copywriting outlines that just work (and why)

Don't reinvent the wheel every time you start a new SEO page. Save time & see exactly how expert writers have built their pages for maximum success. Swipe their page plans for yourself.

100 irresistible page titles*

You've heard of clickbait headlines? Well, in SEO, there's something similar called the page title and you want to make it as enticing as possible. A lot of research has been put into what makes people click on a specific search result in Google. Steal all that knowledge and find out the 16 types of title that work to get your pages ranked well.

50 clickable meta descriptions* from top-ranked pages

Crafting the twenty or so words that you've got available to you to get people to click on your page from Google search results is an art. Discover the 8 types of meta description. You'll never be stumped as to what to write with this huge inspirational collection.
* Help! I don't know what a page title or a meta description is! Don't worry, I've got you. Headlines, page titles, meta descriptions ... they're all explained in step six of the workflow. And if you want even more detail, I can give you an exact breakdown on how to write killer copy for these parts of an SEO page, that works for people and for Google in my full course Master SEO Copywriting. Buyers of the workflow and swipe files also get an amazing one-time-only discount on the course.


How to create your own copywriter's swipe file

Learn why having your own swipe files is going to be so important, how to add to what I've given you already, what to swipe and how to do it easily with super-smart tools and graphic templates.

Get the ultimate SEO swipe files today

In the Smart Copywriter's SEO Swipe Files:
  • 12 article outlines that just work (& why) (value £49)
  • 100 irresistible titles (value £49)
  • 50 meta descriptions* from top-ranked pages (value £29)
  • ​PLUS How to create your own copywriter's swipe file (value £99)

Total value = £226

Today = £49


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30 day guarantee

I put a lot of work into making brilliant products that you'll love. But if it isn't working for you, I'll refund your full payment within 30 days of purchase.

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processing, so your data is always 100% safe.

If you don't like it, get your money back, 100%

I really want you to be happy with your purchase. That's why I've spent, well I was going to say hours, but in reality, weeks and weeks building the Master SEO Copywriting series. It's full of everything that I wish I had known myself when I was starting out.

It is hard work to get your business to grow, even with all the help I can give you, and SEO certainly can't give you overnight results, so I really want you to give it a good go with learning and following the guidance (it does work). But if you're just not getting on with the materials, no worries. Tell me within 30 days of your purchase and I'll refund you in full, straight away.

I want you to get what you want out of it. So if you think I can help before you call it quits, you can always email me and I'll do what I can.

Hi, I'm Katherine!

I'm a digital marketing expert with a passion for helping freelancers, marketers & business owners achieve their goals with digital marketing skills.

By empowering you to create the website content that drive success month after month.

Over 12 years of working in start-up ecommerce and digital marketing, I've seen countless businesses grow from nothing. I know how hard it is to grow - your own business or your freelance career, even when you've got a really good idea. Growing a sustainable revenue stream is so hard.

So you might wonder why on earth I would decide to set up in business myself. Well, that's easy. Because I love it. Because I've always wanted to. Because I had to. I know exactly what it's like to need to take control, run you own thing and see your own success. I want to help you find that success.

I'm an SEO specialist by trade and I've seen (and been through) every other aspect of growing businesses, including: setting up my own freelancing career, which quickly grew into an agency, and then starting coaching, which I absolutely love.

Why should you trust me?

  • I know EXACTLY what it's like to be right at the start of learning SEO. I'm not going to tell you a load of theory. I've tried it all and I'm going to tell you what really works for me.
  • ​I've grown businesses from pre-launch to multi-million £ yearly revenues. I've seen what works and what doesn't.
  • ​I don't believe in half measures. I want you to be able to actually take what I'm telling you and use it immediately. I'll tell you every step you need to take. Everything you need to know. I want you to succeed. And then come and tell me about it!!

You've got questions?

What's inside the swipe file pack?

You'll get instant access to the Members Area where you'll be able to get your own copy of the three swipe file boards. Plus a practical, step-by-step lesson on how to easily build your own swipe files in the free-forever tool I use for all my swipe files.

Will I get instant access?

Yes, you'll get a login emailed to you to access everything in the toolkit in an exclusive members area. You can get started right away. 

Your access won't expire so you'll always be able to come back and pick up the details you need later on when you need them.

But isn't SEO really technical?

Yes and no. Some parts of SEO are incredibly technical. But that's not what I'm going to be teaching you. This series is created specifically for copywriters. Everything you need to know. Without bringing in all the stuff you don't (because that will just overwhelm you). So the technical details are kept to an absolute minimum. Because most stuff, you just don't need to know.

What if I don't have anything to write about?

Don't worry. If you go on to buy the online course, it will take you through the steps (complete with tools to use, with screenshots) that will get you ideating, discovering and researching topics to write about.

What if I don't like it and decide it's not for me?

I'll refund you 100% of the price you've paid within 30 days of your purchase.

I'm committed to bringing you brilliant products. So if you're not happy, please email me and I'll also try and help out if I can, so you can get what you want out of the toolkit.

What if I love this series so much I want more?

You're in luck!
I'm here to help with whatever you need. From support with the resources you've bought, to additional 1 on 1 coaching. And I'm always creating more learning resources.
There's so much more where this has come from. Just purchase this and you'll be in the gang. You'll see!

Have another question?
Email me on katherine@jamboseo.com and I'll get you an answer as soon as I can!

Is continuing to struggle on your own even an option?

Stand on the shoulders of SEO copywriting giants for just £49

Get the ultimate SEO swipe files today

In the Smart SEO Copywriter's Swipe Files:
  • 12 article outlines that just work (& why) (value £49)
  • 100 irresistible titles (value £49)
  • 50 meta descriptions* from top-ranked pages (value £29)
  • ​PLUS How to create your own copywriter's swipe file (value £99)

Total value = £226

Today = £49

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